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Fatsco warehouse

Fatsco Transmission Parts opened its doors to our first customers in 1975. It all started in Fairfield, New Jersey above the transmission shop in the parts department. The area had a few local shops that would always come around and borrow parts for the jobs they were working on at the time. We soon saw the need to open a parts store, and it keeps growing from there. In 1991 we needed to expand our warehouse and made our first move to a larger location. Ten years later we decided to make one more move to a modern 24,000 square foot warehouse, which is our current location in Pine Brook, New Jersey.


It’s here that we stock automatic transmission parts going back to 1941. Our goal is to supply you with the parts you need to get your antique, classic, hot rod or late model car back on the road.


We carry a large inventory of automatic transmission parts starting with some of the very first Hydramatic transmissions. We package a lot of the parts we sell today like our antique overhaul kits. We also stock new hard parts like Jetaway coupling covers and filters, Roto Hydramatic damper plates, and Powerglide bands just to name a few.


Whether you’re working on a 1946 Cadillac with a Hydramatic or a 2022 Ford F350 with a 10R140, we’ve got you covered.

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