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TV Cable Corrector Kit for Holley

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Fits carburetors with Holley® aftermarket-style throttle arm.

Most aftermarket carburetors and injection systems are not configured to match OE TV cable pivot travel, leading to incorrect 4L60 transmission pressures and shift timing. Sonnax TV cable corrector kits reposition the throttle linkage pivot point to duplicate OE travel.

Sonnax TV cable corrector kit AS4-04K corrects for an improperly placed TV cable mounting hole on Holley® carburators with aftermarket-style throttle arms. The kit can be used out of the box to precisely set cable travel in GM 4L60 and Ford AOD units, but also is easily adapted for use in Ford 200, 200C and 200-4R transmissions (see instructions for details). Use with Sonnax bracket AS6-01 for best results.

  • Ensures proper transmission pressure and shift timing
  • Precisely sets the distance of OE TV cable travel
  • Eliminates the need for other high-cost adapter systems
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